The mission of R&R Rolfing® + Massage (formerly Balanced Practice) is to provide a well-rounded offering of wellness opportunities. We know that your body and mind wellness effect all areas of your life as well as your relationships and interactions with others.


Whether you choose the transformative process of the Rolfing® 10 Series, developing a daily yoga practice, weekly massage therapy visits to relieve stress and tension, or just want to understand your healthcare and pain relief options, R&R Rolfing® + Massage will support you and empower you to develop into a more balanced you.


We offer our exceptional bodywork in Alamogordo, New Mexico at CrossFit Zia.

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Our intention is to provide you with effective options to care for your body, mind, & soul through bodywork & yoga, as well as direction through self-care.


Rolfing ® is the name coined for the original system of body work developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf. It is also known as Structural Integration. Rolfing® has an unequaled and unprecedented ability to dramatically alter a person’s posture and structure.


Massage therapy is offered from highly-skilled certified practitioners in a private cozy room with a heated table. A massage is the perfect way to keep yourself feeling your best and capable of keeping up with all of your hard work and play.

Movement Education

One-on-one private yoga class can prepare you for group yoga classes or help you better understand the details of alignment for a safe practice specific to your body.  Semi-private yoga instruction is used for team-building or groups with specific focus to tailor the instruction to your needs.

Yoga Integration

Yoga IntegrationTM is a movement approach to embodying Rolfing® Structural Integration through Yoga. The yoga connection to Structural Integration is seamless, as Rolfing was based on Yoga and Osteopathy.

We offer our exceptional bodywork on Holloman Air Force Base in the Base Exchange
as well as in Alamogordo, New Mexico at CrossFit Zia.


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