Stacy Z.

20 May Stacy Z.



My experience with Balanced Practice has been nothing short of extraordinary. I have always had issues with my neck, headaches, and anxiety, yet nothing ever seemed to make any of these things better. A Car accident in the fall of 2014 and then a very stressful move amplified the stated condition to the max. I searched for remedies in traditional PT, counseling, and general exercise, but never felt like I had resolve in any of them. I had met Crystal at a ladies get together and heard about Rolfing. I was intrigued. About 5 months later I hit an all time low with my body and my mind, I was not the Mom, Wife, or person that I knew was inside of me, and decided that I needed to reach out one last time for help.


I sought out a medical professional only to be sent down road of further turmoil and disaster. It was then I had remembered Crystal. I had messaged her for more information about a Rolfing Series, and decided shortly thereafter that it was time to invest in myself and my well being, and this was it. I made the commitment to a 10 series, and among other changes, found this commitment to be paramount in my restoration. The 10 series is a full body space by space set where each session focuses on a specific area of the body.


Some sessions were challenging (those where I found I had the most aggression with and towards my body), and some were smooth and relaxing. Regardless, at the end of every session I felt rejuvenated and piece-by-piece repaired. My husband even began to notice changes to my body and emotions, changes that were unparalleled to any other treatment modality I had attempted. My neck was better, I was sleeping better, I had more energy despite being a full time Emergency Room Physician Assistant and Mom.


He referred to my Rolfing as “The magical healing on the mountain” and subsequently after my session where my pelvic floor was addressed, “the magical voodoo on the mountain.” Magical, maybe not, because I found it much more real. I felt the changes to be applicable and appropriate to the current emotions and how my body needed to function in my job and as Mom. My 10 series had provided me with the restored flexibility of my ballet years, and the mental agility I have not felt since college. It was truly was life changing. I am forever grateful to Crystal for her patience and desire to always improve with her masterful skills. I look forward to many more Rolfing tunes ups and further care from Balanced Practice.

-Stacy Z