Rolfing® – What To Expect

20 May Rolfing® – What To Expect


We’d like to offer you our full support while you consider a step towards long-term relief of chronic pain and improved mobility health & wellness. Rolfing Structural Integration has helped countless people find freedom from pain and restrictions as well as an improved quality of life.

Communication is key to success in the Structural Integration process. This is not a treatment that is done to you, rather a process that requests your participation. You will be guided into growing your body awareness. We suggest that when you are unsure of any instruction or information you ask your RolferTM for further clarification.

It is important that you understand and abide by our cancellation policy. The time you have scheduled is set-aside for you and only you. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment it is essential that you let our office know 24 hours or more before your session. Cancellations or rescheduled appointments within the 24-hour time frame are subject to a charge of 50%. No call No shows are charged 100% of the service fee. If we mutually agree that circumstances outside of your control kept you from attending your appointment special considerations will be made.

If you have to be out the door at a specific time, please let us know before your session begins.

Your sessions usually include a visual body analysis before hands on bodywork is performed. That means your RolferTM will look at you in different positions and movements to assess the most effective areas to address during your time together. Typical attire during a Rolfing session is briefs or boxer-briefs for men, bra and underwear for women. Other options are available if you are uncomfortable with the suggested attire, your comfort is of utmost important and we can work with you fully clothed if needed. Please discuss this with your RolferTM to determine what is best suited for your particular needs.

Below is an outline of a typical 10 series with special considerations that may apply:

Session 1: “Breath and Pelvis”

Session 2: “Feet and Lower Legs”

Session 3: “Side Body, ears to ankles”

*Women may feel most comfortable in a full-coverage bra or tank as most of the session is done in side-lying position. Session 3 often takes 2 sessions to complete if there are significant upper and lower body issues

Session 4: “Inner line of the leg and pelvic floor”

*Briefs for men and full coverage underwear for women are recommended. This session is best not to be scheduled for women during their time of menstruation.

Session 5: “Core”

*We suggest a mostly empty stomach before this session

Session 6: “Back line. Heals to Head”

*This session often takes 2 sessions to complete as the territory includes specific upper and lower body attention

Session 7: “Head Neck and Face”

*If you suffer from tension headaches or TMJ dysfunction we highly recommend increasing your water intake for 24-hours before this session. Also, if you have significant trouble in arms or hands, we may suggest and extra session before we work with your head neck and face.

Sessions 8, 9, and 10 – are “integrative” sessions and will be a kind of “once over” areas already worked with. Also, movement education tends to be more prevalent. Occasionally one or more of these sessions will be done at your workplace or outside. You will be prepared in advance if that is the case.

During your sessions you will likely notice intense sensations. Please feel empowered to communicate your comfort level and experience. It is desirable to remain relaxed, body and mind, throughout your Rolfing sessions. If you find yourself getting tense, that is important feedback to share. Modifications to technique and/or approach can always be offered to keep your experience in you comfort zone.

Working with the connective tissue matrix can be a lot to process. We suggest that you let your family and friends know that things are shifting. You may find your self highly emotional or exhausted after certain sessions. Best to prepare those in your life for this possibility before it happens.

Often your RolferTM will take time during sessions to suggest and explain stretches and strengthening to do between sessions. Your level of improvement in the series can be significantly increased with diligent self-awareness and care.

We hope this leaves you very prepared for your upcoming series of bodywork. Never hesitate to ask for further clarification throughout this process. Thank you for this opportunity to work with you towards improved quality of life!