Thailand Level 2

05 Mar Thailand Level 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Which airport do I fly into? DMK

Guests will be flying into Bangkok (DMK) and taking a short flight (~$125) or ferry to the island of Samui, lush and beautiful with white sand beaches surrounded by a sapphire-slue sea.

When is the best time to purchase airfare?

Typically about 2 months prior to travel, some people like to use Google Flight tracker to purchase tickets at a lower price as rates do fluctuate

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Why is Travel Insurance Required?

We require it to ensure a stress free time, as unexpected things happen (weather delays, illness etc) and it can make all the difference between a lovely experience, and a quite stressful one. The company you use is your choice of course but please note : insurance booked with the airline is typically not sufficient. This should be a individual (not group) travel policy.  We like General Travel Insurance, their toll-free phone number is 800-348-9505, also 800-318-0179, and 877-243-4135  Whether or not you decline this requirement you will assume full responsibility of any unexpected costs incurred during travel.

What do I need to know about international travel?