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Yoga Integration® is a movement approach to embodying Rolfing® Structural Integration through Yoga. The yoga connection to Structural Integration is seamless, as Rolfing was based on Yoga and Osteopathy.  Learn how to use your body efficiently from the ground up, and gain self-care tools to take with you.


Students from every practice level with find insight into movement fundamentals that can be applied on the mat and out in the world. Come experience a week of fun, challenges and learning. Crystal will share her expertise in anatomy, movement, treating chronic pain, and women’s issues. Yoga Integration® is packed with new ideas, fine-tuning familiar concepts and profound experiences to build up your support and strength while breaking down your guard and unhealthy holding patterns.


Yoga Integration® is highly recommended for body workers hoping to gain tools to teach their clients self-care for chronic conditions like repetitive stress disorders and to increase their understanding of the myofascial system. Massage Therapists, Structural Integrators, Yoga Instructors and more will gain insights into refinements of alignment and embodying the gospel of the Rolfing® Ten Series.

Yoga Integration® focuses on combining yoga with precise alignment modifications to build a foundation for movement with integrity.

Practicing Yoga Integration® decreases the likelihood of injury during everyday living and focused activities. Learn how to prevent & alleviate pain while creating freedom to move your body and do the things you want to do! Unwind patterns in the connective tissue caused from physical or emotional injuries. When your body is in alignment with fewer strain patterns there is more ease and grace in your movement.

Developing a personalized Yoga Integration® practice and self-care routine will empower each individual to heal themselves holistically.

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